Beaumont Nominated for “Wood Innovation Award” with Wood WORKS

An installation we recently completed for our Client ING Direct that was nominated for Wood WORKS’ “Wood Innovation Award”.

“A new category this year, the Innovation Award will recognize creative and innovative approaches in the use of wood in building design, product design and/or processes. The award will be presented to an individual or firm which demonstrates “thinking outside the box” using wood.”

More information can be found on Wood WORKS’ website:

Jud used the Mountain Pine Beetle wood for the river rocks in the desk, the desk base and the living wall cover. Let us know what you think!

ING Recption Desk

With its organic shape and flowing texture, this desk is both unique and beautiful.

ING Reception Desk - top

Under the glass, the polished wooden river rocks are even more evocative of the real stones that inspired them.

ING Living Wall Cover

Constructed from split Pine Beetle Wood, this living wall makes a lively and positive contribution to the office space.

If you  would be interested in having us design an interior space for you or your company, we’re always interested in taking on new projects so give us a shout!


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