Eagles in the City Gala Tonight!

Judson is attending the BC Lions’ Society Gala tonight with the donation of a Little Black Dresser. The piece will be auctioned off along with the eagles to to help raise money for children with disabilities in BC.

All 135 Eagles from around the province have  migrated back to Vancouver to help raise money for tonight’s auction. 34 Eagles will be auctioned live at the The Great Eagle Gala & Auction at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver and more will be available online at gobid.ca.

Jud has been involved with the BC Lions Society Fund-raising projects since

Straightline was responsible for the forms of the Eagles, Spirit Bears, and Orcas in the city. We even decorated a few Bears and Orcas ourselves! The Darth Vader Bear and Elvis Whale were both chosen for the People’s Choice Awards.

Orca Presley

Orca Presley makes his debut in front of Virgin Records (now HMV) in Downtown Vancouver.

Orca Presley - Closeup

Thankyou. Thankyou very much.

Darth Bear

Darth Bear raised for $20 000 for the BC Lions Charity.

The story behind “Darth Bear” was the whole idea behind the Spirit Bear being a “white” bear, like a good guy. Judson wanted to play with that idea and wondered “what is the exact opposite of a Spirit Bear?” He thought to himself, “a black, dark, Darth Vader Bear!”


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