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68 responses to “Contact Us!

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  2. Hey i was wondering how i would go about talking to you about purchasing one of theses little black dresseS?

  3. Hi i was wondering how mych the mickey and minnie cabinets were?

    • Hi Chelsea,

      The Mickey and Minnie cabinets were a limited edition item made specifically for Disney Tokyo. However, we love to design new pieces and could create entirely new character cabinets. Jud can tailor pieces to different price points, so if you would be interested in having him design something for you drop us a line at

  4. Greetings!
    I am highlighting your cute dog-house trailer on June 22nd. Is it for sale or a prototype one-off?
    I have a new puppy and I love the concept!

    I also placed your link. Your work is wonderful!

    • Thanks Nancy!

      The Pet Camper was a limited edition run of 25 that Jud did a few years back. These handmade doghouses went for $2 500 each, but Jud would love to find someone to produce them on a larger (and more affordable) scale. He’s also thinking about doing a few more houses for small dogs in the style of Campers from the ’50’s and ’60’s. We’ll post them here if we go ahead with it! Cheers for the publicity.

  5. that wave
    I want to ask about
    ¨ the ¨ ilog
    the trunk that is an s horn
    but hey dial the phone for
    have information and do not answer
    that way I can get
    or commission a ilog?
    because I want one
    I hope you answer me, thanks
    bye ❤

  6. i want to ask about
    ¨ the ¨ ilog
    the trunk that is an s horn
    but hey dial the phone for
    have information and do not answer
    that way I can get
    or commission a ilog?
    because I want one
    I hope you answer me, thanks
    bye ❤

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your interest in the iLog! You can certainly commission one from us, and we can ship worldwide. Until we are able to produce the iLogs on a larger scale they are only available as a handmade, limited edition item for $500. If you would be interested in purchasing one, do drop us a line at, and we’d be happy to help!


  7. You are so great!!!!
    I’m italian, could i find your fornitures in my country?How can i find them???

  8. Hello!
    My name is Sergey, I am interior designer. I live in Russia, Moscow. I want to use your furniture in my projects. Where can I to order your furniture in Russia, Moscow?H

  9. Do you sell plan or drawings of your creations?

  10. Hi,
    We love your whimsical style – do you do anything that could function as a coffee table or a tv stand?


  11. Do you do standing jewelry boxes?

  12. Hello straightlinedesigns,
    First off I just need to tell you that you guys are amazing! I was wondering about how much the spring dresser was, or if it was a limited time thing or special for a certain company, if you could make something like it it was truly amazing!!

  13. Hi, we are a couple in France. We happened to see your products and we like them so much!!!!!! They are perfect presents for our little baby! But we are in France…so we do not know whether these furnitures are disponible in France? Thank you!

  14. Eugenia Alessandro

    Soy Eugenia, de Argentina, y me gustaría mucho poder trabajar con sus productos. Soy Diseñadora de Interiores y me dedico sobre todo al diseño de habitaciones infantiles.
    ¿Cómo o dónde puedo adquirirlos?

  15. Eugenia Alessandro

    Me llamo Eugenia, de Argentina, soy Diseñadora de Interiores y me gustaría saber como puedo adquirir sus productos acá, ya que son de mucha ayuda en mis diseños de habitaciones infantiles.
    Donde o como los puedo conseguir.

  16. Hi,i write from Italy and i like your creations,are awesome!! How much Bad table,please ? thanks a lot

  17. I’m from Chicago and wanted to include you in my blog (….please check out the post and let me know to whom I can credit the photography…. I Love your work!

  18. How much the pet camper with shiping charges to france ?

    • Unofrtunately the Pet Camper is only in prototyping phase. We are seeking funding to create the tooling necessary to offer this piece on a mass manufacturing scale to bring the price down and availability up.

      Thanks for the interest in our work!

  19. Mr. Jud you are a creative genius!
    I have been impressed by all his works of art
    ____Without words ______
    Fabulous 🙂
    I was surfing on line, looking for an extravagant furnishings, to get some ‘ideas because I have to open a shop selling baby food.
    I need a piece unico.un ‘object jaunty, colorful, spectacular, original
    I have seen on his website Sobey: he is fantastic, and 5 nice colorful furniture: beautiful!
    are dimensioned in his blog
    I would like to know how much they cost??
    I’m italiana.Quanto much is shipping to my country?

    again congratulations! to her, all his team

  20. Olá moro no Brasil e gostaria de saber como faço para comprar um de seus produtos… gostei muita da linha infantil.

  21. Beautiful Work! Are the wood river rocks available for purchase? If so, what kind of quantities can be ordered? Such a great idea & I would guess much lighter in weight than actual river rock.

    • Sorry for the extremely late response but we have not updated our blog in quite some time now.

      The Pine Beetle rocks can be made in any quantity you need from 10-200 or more!

      We charge $10 each up to about a quantity of 30 or so, then we can drop the price to $8 each.

  22. How much for your clever chair? IE: “It’s not about the Chair, it’s what you put into it!”

  23. Hola! me gusta mucho su concepto de diseño! me siento completamente identificada con sus ideas. Soy diseñadora Industrial graduada en la Universidad de Guadalajara México, me gustaria revisaran mi portafolio, podrian? Me encantaria porder trabajar con ustedes. Les agradeceria su interes.

  24. Hello! I love your design concept! I feel completely identified with their ideas. Industrial Designer I graduated from the University of Guadalajara Mexico, I would like to review my portfolio, could they? Porder I’d love to work with you. We appreciate your interest.

  25. Hi ! i think what you do guys is absolutly amazing ! i was wondering how much cost the bug street , that’s the most beautiful thing i have ever seen !

  26. I am interested in your hollow chair design and want to know if they are available to order. Can you supply the details, including price for the chair?

  27. Awesome masterpieces~
    Would you contace me, otherwise check the email titled “Proposals from south Korea, first?

  28. Elaine Weryshko

    Your Tree Rings Are Amazing and I’d love to know more about purchasing some. Could you give me any extra info about them?!
    And you’re from Vancouver – which is awesome because I’ll be there for New Years

  29. Hello young couple francais, we are to fall by hazard on the table which makes pisses and since my wife insist on seeing her(it) has the house!! Thus I shall like knowing how I pourai to make for me got and the goodevidament price(prize)!! Thank you

  30. I love these designs! Just posted the website link and some pictures to my facebook page. Especially love the little black dresser.

  31. Do you all have a magazine you could send me. I’m very interested in ur work thank u

  32. I love your sobey, and boom! Cabinet. I have twin girls, and I would love to have these pieces in their rooms. Or maybe just the sobey and bubble cabinet. How much are these items? I want these so bad!

  33. Lourdes Patricio

    Me gustaría recibir informacion habitualmente sobre el trabajo, los productos, de ustedes. Como sería eso posible?

    Gracias, por su tiempo!!

    Lourdes Patricio *

  34. Roxane Wilgenhof

    how much does the chair cost?
    And can it be sent to Holland?
    Roxane Wilgenhof

  35. I think this might be your work?

    you could always post your info with it, it it is.

  36. WOW !!! What incredible work.
    As a furniture maker, I’m in awe of your ability to break out of the “box”.

    Beautiful works of art. You’ve inspired me and I’ve bookmarked this blog.

    Thank you for sharing.

  37. Hello,
    Your Billy the boy cabinet is super cute! Do you make these to sell to the public? If so, how much does it cost?



  38. as I buy your products from Argentina?
    thank you sharing.

  39. Have to say your work is amazing! So different and modern to anything else I’ve seen.
    I am particularly intrigued by your squiddy table and wondered how much one would cost?

  40. Rachelle Powell

    I love love the Sullivan clock and have admired it for quite some time. Can I purchase one?

  41. Hi My Name is Steve and i was just wondering how much the Sullivan Clock costs? it is an extremely nice piece.

  42. hola,soy de españa,estoy interesada en sus catalogos,o mas informacion sobre vuestros productos,tengo que amueblar mi casa,y me han gustado varios de vuestros muebles,por eso quisiera saber precios,y los gastos de envio.

  43. Your pet airstream trailer is fantastic. I hope you can get a manufacturer on side with you. It would be great if the next thing would be a pet car bed that could hook up to the trailer then 2 dogs could have a bed each and the scene would be wonderful. I buy weird and wonderful pet beds for my cats and would love the trailer for my collection if it ever gets to the next step. I also love your wacky kids dresser drawers. Keep up the very good work.

  44. Oh, just to be clear on my last post, I mean it would be great if you made a ped car that could hook up to the trailer. The pet car would be a bed. After I read my post it sounded like I wanted you to make a car bed for a pet. Anyway, I love your work.

  45. Love the reading tree!! We are starting our school library and I was interested in this…how much and would it be possible to get it shipped to TN?

  46. i recently came across a dog airstream house and was told that you were my go to person. i’m hoping it’s you because i really want to get one for my dog.

  47. Hi! can you give us a prupposal like your playroom project. This for a 4.30×3.20 playroom area

  48. Barbara Allred

    I would be interested in ordering an affordable Airstream Pet Bed for my 3lb Yorkie to have inside our RV. It is adorable.

  49. I’m interested in some dressers and bug town. How do I go abouts in getting a price quote on the items. Thank you

  50. Hi. Do you sell the pet airstream trailers?

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