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Little Pink Dresser

You might be familiar with our Little Black Dresser, so here’s the newest version designed for a great cause: The Little Pink Dresser.

Judson is always looking for a great cause to be a part of. This year he decided to do a Little Pink Dresser as a donation piece for the Luxe Home Interiors Chair-Ity event with proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-BC/Yukon Region.

The Dresser was showcased at the 2012 IDS West Show in Vancouver before making the trip to Victoria for this special event.

2012-09-19 03.55.06


New Ideas!

Fall is (believe it or not) coming up fast, and that means it’s time to start preparing work for numerous shows and events, including the IDS West Show here in Vancouver as several international shows.

It looks like there will be a whole new selection of work to see this year!

Tim Burton's Sally

Jud has been experimenting with patchwood: patchwork wood and unusual sewing experiments involving solid wood, plywoods and veneers – everything, really.

So far experiments are proceeding swimmingly.  Ever a Tim Burton fan, Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas has become an inspiration for one piece in particular that Jud is working on: The Sally Dresser.

The Sally Dresser is based on the same frame as Judson’s Little Black Dresser, but with a twist!

Jud was also invited to attend the International Woodworking Fair with WoodLink USA in Atlanta this year.  IWF is a massive exposition of all things woodworking! It will run from Aug 25-28 this year, 8am-5pm.

He will also be doing a presentation at the World Expo in Shanghai. This will take place on the 27th of September at the Canadian Pavilion. Jud was invited along with Brent Comer to represent BC Wood.

Somewhere, somehow, there is a nude wooden ragdoll running around looking for this piece.

We were originally looking at both wire and leather as potential “sewing” materials, but wire seems to be the right decision. Here’s one sample board that worked out with the wire option:

The stain kind of hides the woodiness, but Jud has looked at the more natural options too. Take a look:

Salt Spring Woodworks Spring 2010 Show: What Next?

Our friends over at Salt Spring Woodworks have made Judson their feature artist for their Spring 2010 show, What Next? on Salt Spring Island!
The SSW gallery is open Thursday to Sunday 10 – 5 or by appointment. Visit their Blog for more information!

Pieces will include some of his Pine Beetle creations as well as the Little Black Dresser.

Pine Beetle Cabinet

The "rocks" on the front of this cabinet are actually all made of the Mountain Pine Beetlel Wood! Some are set slightly out to be used as handles.

Little Black Dresser

Little Black Dresser, seen here mounted via chrome clothing rod, this piece is also available with its own hanger.

Eagles in the City Gala Tonight!

Judson is attending the BC Lions’ Society Gala tonight with the donation of a Little Black Dresser. The piece will be auctioned off along with the eagles to to help raise money for children with disabilities in BC.

All 135 Eagles from around the province have  migrated back to Vancouver to help raise money for tonight’s auction. 34 Eagles will be auctioned live at the The Great Eagle Gala & Auction at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver and more will be available online at gobid.ca.

Jud has been involved with the BC Lions Society Fund-raising projects since

Straightline was responsible for the forms of the Eagles, Spirit Bears, and Orcas in the city. We even decorated a few Bears and Orcas ourselves! The Darth Vader Bear and Elvis Whale were both chosen for the People’s Choice Awards.

Orca Presley

Orca Presley makes his debut in front of Virgin Records (now HMV) in Downtown Vancouver.

Orca Presley - Closeup

Thankyou. Thankyou very much.

Darth Bear

Darth Bear raised for $20 000 for the BC Lions Charity.

The story behind “Darth Bear” was the whole idea behind the Spirit Bear being a “white” bear, like a good guy. Judson wanted to play with that idea and wondered “what is the exact opposite of a Spirit Bear?” He thought to himself, “a black, dark, Darth Vader Bear!”

22nd Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair: May 15 – 18

This May the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in New York City will turn into a “global summit for what’s best and what’s next in design”.

Judson Beaumont will be there along with a host of bright new ideas to introduce to the world!
Stop by booth 2220 with BC Wood to check out our latest and greatest.

While we’re keeping most of our exhibit a surprise, there will be a familiar piece or two in the show, such as the ever-popular Little Black Dresser featured below.

Little Black Dresser

Mountain Pine beetle Projects

Our studio has been making extensive use of the wood felled by the mountain pine beetle in BC. Starting with 2″x4″s, we’ve been splitting, cutting, sanding, tumbling and polishing this unique material into a variety of shapes and finishes. It has gone into plinths, walls, tables and cabinets; it has been scuffed and finished and made into polished river rocks. You may have seen some of these products at Trade shows like IDS West in Vancouver or 100% Design in Tokyo. If not, take a look and see what can be done!

This Table is like a living sketch that was created as Jud first started working with the Pine Beetle wood.

Pine Beetle River Rock Bench

Little Black Dresser inset into a Pine Beetle Wall

Little Black Dresser set into a Mountain Pine Beetle wall

River Rocks