Dr. Vigari Gallery Grand Reopening!

The Dr. Vigari Gallery has just finished moving to 1816 Commercial Drive and is now once again open to the Public!

Some of Judson’s work will be exhibiting there for the current show, along with several other local artists. More information can be found on the Gallery’s website.

Check it out if you head up to Commercial Drive:

These resin barrels make super cool seats for around a table, and can be made any size or height.

Jud also has several larger pieces there, and the gallery is always worth a visit!

July 1! Salt Spring Woodwork’s Night Gallery

Save July 1st for the Summer Lights opening party and premiere of Salt Spring Woodwork’s Night Gallery!

Three extraordinary artists – Brent Comber, Judson Beaumont, and Peter Pierobon – will light up every Friday and Saturday night this summer from nine to midnight, with their innovative new light-filled installations and environments.

Judson Beaumont’s XL ‘Squiddies’ will be making their first appearance after their smaller cousins made a splash at the ICFF in New York just a few weeks ago. A Squiddy bench will be present, circling a tree, as 7 and 8 foot tall squiddies tower on their tentacles eerily lit from below. Best viewed at night!

The Squiddy Bench. Fancy a seat?

Summer Lights features illuminated works of  art in the environment, artifice in nature, pieces of public art made to be visible in the dark. Viewable from distances and infinite perspectives, they  illuminate the trails and the towering trees of the Woodworks landscape and transform it into a new place, startling, playful and beautiful.  Each piece changes and evolves through the day in different lights and times and weathers.

Salt Spring Woodworks is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT  from  NINE TO MIDNIGHT through July and August.

Salt Spring Woodworks
125 Churchill Rd. Salt Spring Island
For more information: 250-537-9606

or visit their blog!

“Wood If” Video Up For Another Award!

J.B. Sugar’s award-winning documentary “Wood If” has been nominated for a Leo Award! We’re still waiting on the press release of the winners for this one, but the writer has already been awarded the Jackson-Triggs Award for Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker in the Worldwide Short Film Festival and a cash prize of $5,000 for this documentary.

Watch the film on J.B Sugar's site - link at the bottom!

The film featured Judson and his unique creations both in their native shop environs and in some new and unusual places (ever come across a Beaver Cabinet chilling in the woods?)

Watch the video HERE.

Pine Beetle Heart Wall at EP!C Vancouver!

Our world-travelling Heart Wall, built for 100% Design in Tokyo last year, just recently featured in Ep!c Vancouver Exposition’s  fashion show.

Photo by Dusty Ranier of Createhive

The wall is made from split, sanded and stained pine beetle planks, the distinctive blue stain complementing the stone-like texture of the split wood.

These walls have been a huge hit! We love them because they really show off this really undervalued material that is unique to the Northwest, and our clients love the texture and beauty of the wood, and the versatility of its use as cladding. We’re currently working on a similar wall that will be heading to Regina, this time with the wood pieces running horizontally, where it will form part of  the waiting area in a Dentist’s office.

The Heart Wall in Tokyo

The corner of one of our flat walls.

We’re always looking for new things to do with this cool wood, so check back often to see what we’ve come up with!

What's Next?

Little Red Dressers go to NeoCon!

We recently gave our classic Little Black Dresser a makeover: using two beautiful red Laminates that Wilsonart International is currently promoting, the Little Black Dresser is now also available as a Little Red Dresser! One of the laminates is high-gloss and the other has a grain and is a bit more matte.

Two of these bright new cabinets will be making a debut at the NeoCon World Trade Fair in Chicago, which will be held on June 14th – 18th in the Merchandise Mart. Look for them in the Interior & Sources Material Intellegence booth, 8-3130.

Little Red Dresser on Pine Beetle Wall Backdrop

The hanger is also a fairly recent addition to the LBD ensemble. It can now be hung on a single forward rod, or, as belwo on a rod going through the dressers themselves.

Little Red Dressers on Floor-Mounted Hanger

New Video by Ben Miljure of BCIT!

Reporter Ben Miljure of BCIT stopped by our shop the other day to investigate how Jud manages to strike a balance in Straight Line Designs between artistic integrity and business success.

Check out the video he made here!

Squiddies at Night

Accomplished though they may be in looking creepy in daylight, these curious little tables really outdo themselves at night. Armed with LED pods, they transform into a starburst of leggy shadows.

Squiddy at night

Squiddy Table at night

Squiddy Table at night

These guys can be seen at booth 222o with BC Wood in their daylight form at this year’s ICFF in New York! Go check them out if you can!

The Squiddies come by Train

It'll take them forever to get to New York that way! We'll have to help them.

It'll take them forever to get to New York that way! We'll have to help them.

Check them out in booth 2220 with BC Wood at ICFF this May !

The Squiddies are Coming to Manhattan!

Creepy Squiddy Legs

Thay're Coming!

Only a few weeks left!
On May 14 the Squiddies will be appearing in all their creepy glory at the International Contemporary Furniture Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York!
Come by and see us in booth 2220 with BC Wood. Judson Beaumont and his staff will be at the Jakob K. Javits Centre along with his newest creations for this four-day show.


Since some incarnation of this piece will be coming with us to ICFF in a couple weeks, we’ve been experimenting extensively with these wee black monster tables.

An earlier squiddy, all nicely photographed.

Open Squiddy

How about an opening Squiddy Desk?

Backlit, creepy-looking squiddy?

They’re proving very versatile! Look forward to whole crew of these little guys in New York this May!

Wait... what?

Any favorites? Let us know!