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Introducing new members of Judson Beaumont’s Straight Line Family!

Straight Line has come alive with our new additions! Introducing Vern, Vinny, and the adorable babies. Let us know what you think!

Vern on the busVern on his way to IDS West.

New arrivals and VernHanging out with the gang.

IMG_0028Vinny outside the Straight Line Design workshop.

IMG_0033Detail of Vinny’s tattoos.

IDS West’s Leonie with the new arrivals.

New arrivals 02The new arrivals enjoying the sun.

They will all be at IDS West 2013 happening at the Vancouver Convention Centre, September 19-22. Come by and say hello, we hope to see you there!

Coming Next Month…

This September Judson is back at IDS West, this time with Vern and his friends, along with a few little new arrivals.
The IDS West Show runs from September 19-22nd at the Vancouver Convention Center West.
Baby Vern Cuddling

Hong Kong Elements Mall Display

Judson Beaumont was asked by Elements Mall to work on a display combining the Wizard of Oz and Judson’s signature whimsical style of furniture for Summer Delight 2013.

HK  72

HK  98

HK  219

HK  254

HK  327

HK  332

HK  333

HK  383

HK  400


Kokeshi Doll Donation Piece

In March 2013 Judson was contacted by the Nikkei National Museum to participate in their 5th Annual BLOOM Art Auction Fundraiser. A variety of Vancouver based artists and designers were challenged to take a simple shape and make it into something unique! As you can image this was just the task for Jud and before long he had a stack of sketches on his desk! Traditional dolls have stylized faces and sometime look like characters from popular movies.

There is something very unique, and playfully summer about his final design and it was a hit at the show!

What would your Kokeshi doll look like?

The “Green Apple” Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi professional photo

Judson chose from these pre-made wooden dolls:

All Kokeshi Dolls

Perhaps you recognize a similar Straight Line piece that he took an inspirational bite from…

Have you ever seen a cabinet like this?

You can find more information about the Museum & the even here:

Support local art!

Pine Beetle Cabinet

Straightline design Feb 16-13 Photo Mike Wakefield Pine Beetle Cabinet

Straightline design Feb 16-13 Photo Mike Wakefield Pine Beetle Cabinet

Straightline design Feb 16-13 Photo Mike Wakefield Pine Beetle Cabinet


This custom pine beetle cabinet unit was built for a private client.
Using reclaimed pine beetle wood, cherry legs and a granite top this project shows the subtle, classic side of Judsons designs.

Portrait Fan Art

Sam Painting4sm

Judson with portrait

Judson recently went on a trip to visit some friends in LA and was surprised with this portait that Sam painted. Featuring the Cracked Cabinet, Bridge Bench, Jud’s beloved dog Dewey and of course Judson with carrot in hand (the carrot represents the influence of Bugs Bunny cartoons on Jud’s design style).

For a designer that is all about one of a kind furniture, this on of a kind piece of art is the perfect gift. Thanks Sam!

Custom Book Coffee Table

Judson loves an opportunity to work on one of a kind pieces, it’s what he has built his company on. When the project carries a significant meaning to the client he really steps up to the plate to produce a piece that is above and beyond.

This Book Table was designed and built for a private client to honor a family member that has passed. Titled “Resistance & Liberation” it is made from solid wood that has been custom stained, soft close hinges (no pinched fingers), perfectly cut book pages, as well as custom engraving on the spine and front cover.


Judson stands with clients as they share in the excitement of the reveal.

Store Skull

It’s a lot of fun to work with restaurant chains, especially when they are going under a total facelift to their image. This client chain of restaurants in North America is going for the gold in Davey Jones’s locker and put us to work on a custom exterior installation piece.


This 5’ x 5’ piece was hand carved & fiber glassed by the team at Straight Line and has found its new home on the exterior wall of the Browns Social House restaurant franchise in Saskatoon, Saskachewan. The grey color matches the exterior wall color to achieve the appearance that the skull is emerging from the depths!

Playroom Project

Enter through a magical armoire into a room designed with imagination & fun for a child. This project was over a year in the making for Judson Beaumont and his crew. A multi – component project featuring seating, a miniature of our beloved Sullivan (meet the Mini-Sullivan!),  room dividers, a television cabinet, and craft desk,  all centered around a castle theme – every childs dream!

Playroom Project

Playroom Project

Playroom Project

Playroom Project

Playroom Project
Playroom Project
Playroom Project 60

Playroom Project





Playroom Project

Judson to talk at Pecha Kucha Feb 2013

Judson Beaumont has been asked to be one of the presenters at the 2013 Pecha Kucha presentation in Coquitlam, and of course – he said yes!

Follow the link below to the Pecha Kucha website to find all the information.

See you there!Pecha-Kucha Invite