The Bubble Cabinet & Apple Cabinet

Check out a new idea Judson created using 14-ply walnut plywood!

The Bubble Cabinet

After enlisting the help of a local CNC programmer, we created a random bubble pattern in a sheet of plywood that defies explanation. As the CNC router head carved out the grooves for each bubble, each subsequent layer of plywood is revealed. The result is a beautiful product that could not have been created with hand tools.

Check out the layers revealed by the CNC router!










We’ve also been busy created this cabinet that looks like a bitten apple, aptly titled:

The Apple Cabinet

Have you ever seen a cabinet like this?

It was constructed with maple veneered plywood for the actual cabinet portion. For the bitten area, we used a 2-part expanded foam, carved, and the fiber-glassed with a matte white paint on top.

Check out the detail in the bite marks!It's still a functional cabinet!








...bit right through the handle too!


6 responses to “The Bubble Cabinet & Apple Cabinet

  1. WOW.. Amazing design love it.

  2. I am Korean design student.
    You’re furniture is very impressed! I love it.
    I hope talk to you later, when I learn English more.

  3. Débora Monteiro

    Hi! I’m a brazilian architecture student and just started to love your work.
    It’s really amazing. Congratulations!
    I’m anxious for news!

  4. I could so see this in my kitchen!!!!! Im in love with this piece!

  5. To the moon with your awesome designs!

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