Tree Rings

We’ll be calling these pieces “Tree Rings” when we debut them in the Summer Lights show at duthie gallery on July 1st.

The Tree Rings came about after we were invited once again to take part in the Summer Lights show on Salt Spring Island. Since we have been working with large amounts of split Pine Beetle wood recently, we saw it fit to take our idea for the colour-tinted resin tops to the outdoors with these illuminated pieces.

During the day they are a nice perch for your feet or your drink or your . Simple and playful.

...come gather 'round!

At night however, they transform into something else entirely. Illuminated from within, the different coloured tints in the acrylic resins flood the surrounding area with a bright and lively luminescence .

Summer Lights features illuminated works of  art in the environment, artifice in nature, pieces of public art made to be visible in the dark. Viewable from distances and infinite perspectives, they  illuminate the trails and the towering trees of the Woodworks landscape and transform it into a new place, startling, playful and beautiful.  Each piece changes and evolves through the day in different lights and times and weathers.

duthie gallery is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT  from  NINE TO MIDNIGHT through July and August.

duthie gallery
125 Churchill Rd. Salt Spring Island
For more information: 250-537-9606

visit their blog here

52 responses to “Tree Rings

  1. I saw one of these tree rings today without the light in it and I have to say the photo’s here do not do these tree rings justice. They are far more stunning than any photo can represent.

  2. Excellent use of diverse concepts and material to achive something quite unique! Bravo.

  3. thank you for the postcard! =D love the blog too

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  5. These are fantastic. Well done.

  6. These are incredibly unique! I have fallen in love with them. Kudos on such a design that no one has probably ever dreamed of creating. If you don’t mind my asking, how did you make them?

  7. Please tell me where I can get this? Where to purchase this wonderful piece? I saw it on a site called The Fancy and I love it. I don’t even have anywhere to put it yet and I want it still. I figure out where it will go in my small apartment in NY! Maybe on the fire escape or next to the sofa or. My fireplace (store bought fireplace).

    It’s inspiring and would like to get it. I bet when I have my house warming party it will be the thing that people will want to know more about.

    Soooooo… where do I buy this from?

  8. where do i buy?

  9. how do you make these??

  10. Are you able to buy these and if so how much do they run? These tree ring lights are fantastic.

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  14. Would love to purchase some of these?? Can I??

  15. love these, would be great for a night time meditation

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  19. How are they lit from within that you can put them in the woods?

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  21. These are perfect for the outdoor flower garden seating area I’m working on! Do they withstand outdoor temps from -40 to 110? (I’m in West Des Moines, we have a bit of weather ADHD here…). Also, do you make any where you can change the color of the lights so we can match them to different party themes or holiday parties? Another also: This city would adore these, do you have any retailers here? I bet I could round up a few 😀

    • Hi Liz, sounds like you have found a perfect home for a few logs 🙂 Unfortunately because of the materials used, the tree logs would warped and crack under such temperature. But you could always find an inside home for them while it gets cold. We are a shop based out of Vancouver Canada and don’t currently have a retailer in your area, we custom make each piece per order, so if you would like more information feel free to give us a call or email us at and I can answer all your questions!

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  27. Love the logs.
    What are the $’s
    Are any around 22 inches?
    Thanks Tim

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  39. Beautiful lights. All the best with this business concept- people are sure loving these! Check out bioluminescent plants for a corresponding garden plant concept- not yet available in Canada from the company that I saw. Might find them with another company, though. Thanks for showing us these great pieces.

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