Little Black Dresser at YVR!


On display at the Vancouver Airport

We recently installed one of our Little Black Dressers at the Vancouver International Airport in one of their display cases that feature art and designs from various West Coast artists. Be sure to keep an eye out for this fashionable piece in the International Departures Terminal. The dress is mounted on a smaller version of our Split Pine Beetle walls. The rear side of the wall also shows our iLog docking station, some pine beetle rocks, and a miniature model of our beloved Cindy cabinet.


the iLog, Mini-Cindy, and Pine Beetle Rocks


8 responses to “Little Black Dresser at YVR!

  1. Bonjour Madame Bonjour Monsieur
    Je souhaiterais connaitre le prix de vos petits campings pour chiens.
    Je trouve cela super

    • Hi Druelle,

      We do not currently sell the Pet Camper. We a re looking for investors and manufactureres to help us produce them for the mass market. If you are interested in staying on our mailing list for news on the Pet Camper, send us an email at

      Thanks for the interest in our work!

  2. Hi Straight Line Designs, let me first say that I love your creations! Useful and fun, a perfect combination 🙂 I particular love this little black dress cabinet, but I can’t seem to find where can I buy it. I live in The Netherlands and I was wondering if you have a supplier here?



  3. I’m in Dallas, Texas and I’d like to buy the Little Black Cabinet too. Are they for sale?

  4. Bonjour,

    Votre travail est magnifique et tous vos produits sont splendides ! Je voudrais savoir quel est le prix du “Black Dresser” et si vous pouvez le livrer en France ?

    Merci d’avance.

  5. How much is the little black dresser and how can I purchase it?

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