Awesome Custom Pieces for Crayola

One of our most exciting and fun projects has been the custom furniture pieces we’ve been working on with Crayola Canada. These pieces will be inspirational fun additions to their head office in Toronto. The grandfather clock has been a huge hit with everyone who’s seen it in person!


9 responses to “Awesome Custom Pieces for Crayola

  1. The furniture children can draw on is a BRILLIANT idea. Your entire concept of furniture design is brilliant & unique. I love it and I wish I could have an entire art studio custom designed by you…maybe one day.
    Happy creating!!

  2. These would be so cute in any child’s room, even the classroom of an Art Teacher!

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  5. Where can we purchase these items

  6. I would love to have these for our daughter’s room. I was wondering if they are for sale and for how much.

  7. I happened upon your site today through a post on and I haven’t stopped smiling since I got to this blog! Your work is fantastic and it tickles my brain. I love the whimsy of it all.

  8. I work for Crayola and LOVE the clock we have in our corporate office you have shown above. Would you be interested in making another on a smaller scale?

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