2010 Culture Crawl this Weekend!

There is no better time than the Crawl to see Jud’s studio than during the East Side Culture Crawl. The crawl, which has been a major fall event for 14 years, just continues to grow! As more studios join, the party here at Straightline just keeps getting bigger as well.

Come by on Friday night for drinks and snacks, or during the weekend and see current, in progress work on display. You take a look inside a curvy cabinet and see what is really going on in there! Past favorites will jostle for attention with bright new ideas and crazy prototypes. There will be things to draw on, open up, bounce, shake and unexpectedly discover. We’ll currently have pieces from our work with Crayola Crayon Canada, as well as several other clients  Don’t miss it!

We’ll have live music and other surprises by Kurt Beaumont, Taylor Beaumont, and Jud’s staff, who will also have artwork in the studio.

We’re unit #260 in 1000 Parker Street – 2nd floor.


2 responses to “2010 Culture Crawl this Weekend!

  1. I am really interested in your products and would like to purchase some things. How do i go about that? I havent seen any prices. Please email me some information. Also do you have a facebook link?

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