Tokyo Design Week

Jud just got back from Tokyo Design Week – and it was a great show! He`s been working on some fold-out couches with Japanese couch company Shinohara. The pieces Jud designed will be going into production soon and were a great hit at the trade show. You can Check out the product site, J-Sofa, here: J-Sofa .

Jud`s sketches were translated into manufacturing sketches, and the first prototypes that were successful came along to the show!


Some new work from Judson`s shop also made a debut in the Japanese booth!

Meet Billy, the Boy-Cabinet:

And the wall of the booth was an event in itself! Jud brought chalk and over the course of the show an explosion of patchwork was carefully sketched out.

The booth:


6 responses to “Tokyo Design Week

  1. Thanks so much for your interest in our work!

  2. Felicitaciones! Soy de Argentina, me enamoran tus diseños!! Un abrazo y exitos!

  3. Q lindo, simplemente tu imaginacion no tiene limites , es fantastico un abrazo desde Peru.

  4. I Love this! do you do any private constructing contracts, I have an idea that I wanted for a bed that NO ONE else thinks can be done 😦

  5. I personally desired to present this post, “Tokyo Design Week | Straight Line Designs Inc.
    ” with my best pals on facebook. Ibasically needed to distributed ur excellent posting!

    Thank you, Tatiana

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