Dr. Vigari Gallery Grand Reopening!

The Dr. Vigari Gallery has just finished moving to 1816 Commercial Drive and is now once again open to the Public!

Some of Judson’s work will be exhibiting there for the current show, along with several other local artists. More information can be found on the Gallery’s website.

Check it out if you head up to Commercial Drive:

These resin barrels make super cool seats for around a table, and can be made any size or height.

Jud also has several larger pieces there, and the gallery is always worth a visit!


3 responses to “Dr. Vigari Gallery Grand Reopening!

  1. Hello I just moved to Vancouver and by chance walked into the Doctor vigari gallery and came across your creations. I LOVE THEM !! So do you have a location to see more or do you have an email list on which I could be included ?

    anjum 🙂

  2. noemi keresztes

    My dad made some of these furniture for straight line designs… I’m in the pics of Sullivan and accordion drawer…he also made the knick knack!
    Attila kresztes

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