Little Red Dressers go to NeoCon!

We recently gave our classic Little Black Dresser a makeover: using two beautiful red Laminates that Wilsonart International is currently promoting, the Little Black Dresser is now also available as a Little Red Dresser! One of the laminates is high-gloss and the other has a grain and is a bit more matte.

Two of these bright new cabinets will be making a debut at the NeoCon World Trade Fair in Chicago, which will be held on June 14th – 18th in the Merchandise Mart. Look for them in the Interior & Sources Material Intellegence booth, 8-3130.

Little Red Dresser on Pine Beetle Wall Backdrop

The hanger is also a fairly recent addition to the LBD ensemble. It can now be hung on a single forward rod, or, as belwo on a rod going through the dressers themselves.

Little Red Dressers on Floor-Mounted Hanger


8 responses to “Little Red Dressers go to NeoCon!

  1. Sofia Novais de Paula

    Can you tell me how much cost the Little Black Dress and if can deliver it in Portugal?

    Thank you very much, I loved everything


    • Hi Sofia,

      It would be possible to ship to Portugal, but it would likely be fairly expensive. We could build it for $1,500, plus $350 for the hanger and wall-mounting mechanism if you would like one. However, we don’t have control of international shipping costs and would have to request a quote. If you’re interested feel free to drop us an email with your location and I will look into it for you!


  2. Hi, sorry my english is not very well. I am from Spain and i would like to buy the Little Red Dressers. How much cost it? There is in more colours?

  3. Hi!

    Where can I buy little black dresser?
    What is the price, and does it come in several colours?

    Do you send packets to Norway?

    Kind regards

  4. Alessandra Miranda


    First of all I would like to compliment you for the wonderful work.

    I live in Michigan and I would like to know how much the little black/red dresser costs and how much would be to deliver it here. Maybe I misunderstood it but I was going through the answers above and I saw both $1500 and $2500 information. Also would like to confirm if this is Canadian dollars or American dollars.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Alessandra,

      The price of the little black dresser is $1800.00 U.S. The cost of the crate is $300.00 U.S. and shipping charges will also apply. All our pieces are one of a kind, hand-made and fully customizable. Other factors like size, shape, and finish will affect the overall price as well. Our estimated time to complete this piece is 4-8 weeks. I can definitely look into get a quote for shipping. Please email us your shipping address at Will this be going to a residential address or commercial?

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      Thanks again for your inquiry.

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