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Walnut Media Cabinet

This media cabinet is custom designed for a private client. He wanted a piece to hold specific electronics (record player, amp, vinyl records etc) and Judson found the perfect solution to ease of access with magnetic drop down drawers that pull forward. The textured wave pattern was done by CNC machine programmed by Gerald Lauze.

Final Cabinet -Large1


Final Cabinet -Large2


Walnut Cabinet-Large4

The Bubble Cabinet & Apple Cabinet

Check out a new idea Judson created using 14-ply walnut plywood!

The Bubble Cabinet

After enlisting the help of a local CNC programmer, we created a random bubble pattern in a sheet of plywood that defies explanation. As the CNC router head carved out the grooves for each bubble, each subsequent layer of plywood is revealed. The result is a beautiful product that could not have been created with hand tools.

Check out the layers revealed by the CNC router!










We’ve also been busy created this cabinet that looks like a bitten apple, aptly titled:

The Apple Cabinet

Have you ever seen a cabinet like this?

It was constructed with maple veneered plywood for the actual cabinet portion. For the bitten area, we used a 2-part expanded foam, carved, and the fiber-glassed with a matte white paint on top.

Check out the detail in the bite marks!It's still a functional cabinet!








...bit right through the handle too!

Under the Sea – Children’s Waiting Room

Our latest design and installation was for the Vancouver Coastal Health clinic at the Alan Cashmore Center.

The idea for this play/waiting area was to use very fun and playful imagery in a simplistic design  that would make the area enticing for children in the waiting room, but not so much that they are too distracted when it comes time to leave.

The majority of the work was created using a CNC router to mill out the major shapes and design elements. The fish were printed in vinyl sticker, as well as the bubbles and waves. Almost all of the other elements were pressed with laminate to ensure a long lasting life of vigorous play.

The clinic provides treatment and support for children between 1 & 5 years old, as well as their families. It is a welcome addition to the already fantastic  environment of the clinic.

“Wood If” Video Up For Another Award!

J.B. Sugar’s award-winning documentary “Wood If” has been nominated for a Leo Award! We’re still waiting on the press release of the winners for this one, but the writer has already been awarded the Jackson-Triggs Award for Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker in the Worldwide Short Film Festival and a cash prize of $5,000 for this documentary.

Watch the film on J.B Sugar's site - link at the bottom!

The film featured Judson and his unique creations both in their native shop environs and in some new and unusual places (ever come across a Beaver Cabinet chilling in the woods?)

Watch the video HERE.

New Video by Ben Miljure of BCIT!

Reporter Ben Miljure of BCIT stopped by our shop the other day to investigate how Jud manages to strike a balance in Straight Line Designs between artistic integrity and business success.

Check out the video he made here!